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2020, 11 February – UPC TV. Round Table: Què vols ser de gran? Enginyera! (What do you want to do for a living when you grow up? Engineer!) organized by the Barcelona School of Agriculture (ESAB) and the School of Engineering of Castelldefels Telecommunications and Aerospace (EETAC) of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and moderated by GenTIC researcher Lidia Arroyo. (watch video)

2020, 8 January Més 324 – TV3. Interview with Maria Rodó Zárate, Montse Bassa, Tània Verge and Laia Serra, co-editors of the book Terra de Ningú Volum II: Perspectives feministes sobre la repressió, Barcelona: Gatamaula i Pol·len edicions. (watch video)

2019, 10 December – UOC Youtube Channel. Presentation “Developing an Evaluation Framework for Gender Equality in R&I (EFFORTI) by Rachel Palmén at the UOC Research Showcase 2019. (watch video)

2019, 2 December – UOC Youtube Channel. Summary of the Open Workshop on Analytics@Sport&Health that was organised on November, 11-12 by the Spanish Network on Data Analytics and New Technologies in Sport and Health (05/UPR/19), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport and sponsored by Movistar Centre. (watch video)

2019, 20 November – Barcelona Ajuntament Youtube Channel. Video of the Open Forum session “Data and Gender: the importance of Data with Gender Perspective in Public Policies”, organised by the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Activa and research group Dimmons of the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3-UOC) as part of the Sharing Cities Action Encounter 2019.  The session counted with presentations by GenTIC researcher Lidia Arroyo and other experts in gender data such as: Karma Perió (Digital/Data Journalist), Eli Vivas (StoryDataBcn), Nuria Espuny (DG Transparency & OpenData. Government of Catalonia), Catherine D’Ignazio (MIT and Emerson College), Valentina Bazzarin (Associazione Orlando). Moderator: Thais Ruiz (Dimmons & DigitalFems). (watch video)

2019, 8 October – MediaLab Prado Youtube Channel. Video of the Round Table organised by Medialab Prado on the occasion of the Ada Lovelace Day, with the interventions of Milagros Sáinz (GenTIC), Celia Santos Tapia (Noies al lab!) and Vicky Cortés (PyLadies Madrid). (watch video)

2019, 4 October – Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) Youtube Channel. Video summary of the workshop “Let’s incorporate a gender perspective in health” at the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS), which included an opening speech by Jörg Müller on the social sciences approach to sex and gender and the relevance of integrating the gender dimension in healthcare. (watch video)

2019, 16 September – UOC YouTube channel. Video summary about the IN3 Workshop for Young Researchers 2019, in which diverse GenTIC PhD researchers participated. In the video, Marlon Xavier remarks the possibilities that the Workshop offers for researchers to question their methodological assumptions and rethink their own work, whereas María del Carmen Gallego Arias highlights the need for collaboration between social sciences and technological disciplines to break the gender gap in technology.

2019, 12 September – UOC YouTube channel. Video to learn how the Relief Maps tool works and its applications (watch the English, Spanish and Catalan versions).

2019, 4 July – Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (CTecno) Youtube Channel. Video summary of the networking session and event “La propera revolució digital: les dones TIC” [The next digital revolution: the ICT women], organized by Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (CTecno) in collaboration with Barcelona Activa. Milagros Sáinz participated in the event and round table, aimed at discussing strategies of intervention to foster the attraction and retention of women to the technological sector. (video summary) (full video)

2019, 25 June –  Canal UNED. Efectos y eficacia de las intervenciones para incrementar el interés de las jóvenes por los estudios y profesiones científicas y tecnológicas. Presentation by Milagros Sáinz about the GESTEMI project (MINECO/AEI, FEDER, UE, ref. FEM2017-84589-R) at the I +D+I FEM 2019 Conference organised by the Center for Gender Studies of the National Distance Education University. (watch video)

2019, 22 May – Vilaweb. Maria Rodó: ‘Barcelona és dissenyada pels homes i per als homes’. Interview with Maria Rodó de Zárate on gender bias in urban design. (watch video)

2019, 11 April – UOC R&I Meeting Days. Maria Rodó de Zárate presents the Relief Maps tool to potential users in the framework of the R&I Meeting Days of UOC. (watch video)

2019, 12 March “Valor afegit” TV3. Milagros Sáinz is interviewed about the inclusion of a gender perspective in all the aspects of society. (watch video. Min. 10:42)

2019, 28 February – El País YouTube channel. Lidia Arroyo Prieto talks about the unequal gender representation in the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona. (watch video)

2019, 27 February – “La aventura del saber” La 2 RTVE. Milagros Sáinz takes part in the Congress Scientix 2019. (Different shots from min. 00:35 to 01:34. watch video)

2019, 3 February – FECYT ciencia YouTube channel. Milagros Sáinz‘s presentation in Scientix 2019 focused on the factors hindering women’s participation in the STEM fields. (watch video)

2018, 22 NovemberAjuntament de Barcelona YouTube channel. Panel on “Digital Platforms and Gender Perspective” organised at the Sharing Cities Summit held in Barcelona on 12th-15th November 2018, with the intervention of GenTIC researcher Lidia Arroyo Prieto together with Thais Ruiz (Dimmons UOC), Marta Delatte (LiquenDataLab), Ester Bonet (Viquidones – Wikimujeres), Jessica Sena (Geochicas), María Sefidari & Virginia Díez (Wikimedia). (watch video)

2018, 24 OctoberUOC YouTube channel. Lidia Arroyo Prieto offers a seminar in the framework of UOC Master on Employment and Labor Market in which analyses the impact of digital inclusion policies addressed to women, and explores the effects of acquiring digital competences for women’s employability (watch video).

2018, 14 JuneUOC YouTube channel. Maria Rodó de Zárate presents “Relief Maps” in #SpinUOC 2018 (watch video).

2018, 8 March8TV. 8 al dia. Maria Rodó de Zárate analyses the root causes of the gender pay gap and its social implications on the occasion of the International Women’s Day (watch video – from minute 01:07:50).

2018, 3 FebruaryTV3. Telenotícies migdia. Family-oriented activities organized by UOC and GenTIC on the occasion of the Day of Women and Girls in Science (watch video).

2017, 4 July – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. IN3 Research Seminar “The Psychic Life of Neoliberal Women: Splitting, Blaming and Perseverance”, by Darren Thomas Baker (watch video).

2017, 28 June –  Talk #SeBuscanIngenieras (Female Engineers are Wanted) organized in Espacio Fundación Telefónica on the occasion of the book launch ¿Por qué no hay más mujeres STEM? Se buscan ingenieras, físicas y tecnólogas (Why aren’t there more women in STEM? Female engineers, physical scientists and technologists are wanted) (watch video).

2017, 16 MarchUOC R&I talks – 00:08:03. Interview with Milagros Sáinz on the main research lines of the Gender and ICT research group (watch video).

2017, 7 March – Barcelona TV – Bàsics BTV 21:01h – 00:08:47. Interview with Milagros Sáinz on the perception of mathematics and technology skills of girls and boys and the influence of gender stereotypes in students’ academic choices (watch video).

2017, 7 March  TV3 – Els Matins 12:54h 00:18:16. Interview with Milagros Sáinz on the perception of mathematics and technology skills of girls and boys and the influence of gender stereotypes in students’ academic choices (watch video).

2017, 28 FebruaryTelevisión Española 2 – Vespre a la 2 – 00:16:55. Interview with Milagros Sáinz on the digital gender gap in the context of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (watch video).

2017, 2 FebruaryUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya. IN3 Research Seminar “El dret a la ciutat i les emocions com a indicadors de desigualtat”, by Maria Rodó de Zárate (watch video).

2016, 20 JulyTelevisió de Catalunya – Els matins. Interview with Lidia Arroyo Prieto on young people and social media (watch video).

2016, 13 MayUniversidad Miguel Hernández. Milagros Sáinz‘s lecture “The gender gap in Science, Technology, Languages, and Computer studies. The transmission of gender roles and stereotypes in the classroom”. I Jornada de Educación. Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche (watch video).

2016 – 19 April Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Interview with Barbara Schneider, Distinguished Professor in the College of Education and Department of Sociology at the Michigan State University. UOC Research Week 2016, Barcelona (watch video).

2016 – 19 Abril Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Interview with Chandra Muller, Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Texas. UOC Research Week 2016, Barcelona (watch video).

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