Marlon Xavier

I am a Brazilian senior lecturer and researcher in Psychology, currently working as a Doctoral grant researcher at UOC and undertaking the PhD in Education and ICT (e-learning) Doctoral Programme, studying dropout and persistence in online higher education and the relevant gender differences for the matter.

My academic and professional background is in Psychology – I already possess a PhD in Social Psychology (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2012), for which I received the Premio extraodinario de doctorado, investigating contemporary consumption society, work, and subjectivity. A revised version of my thesis has just been published by Palgrave Mcmillan. That background included working as a lecturer in Psychology since 2004, in different Brazilian universities and teaching many varied subjects. I was also a voluntary clinical psychology at the Brazilian Red Cross for 5 years. My research interests then were varied and included social representations, subjectivity, addiction and religiosity, and consumerism, with a predilection for employing mix-method approaches, with emphasis on qualitative research (case studies, focus groups, thematic analysis and so on).

In 2011 I was a Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Sociology/Bauman Institute, University of Leeds. More recently, I worked as a Visiting Research Fellow at LACCOS (, an international social psychology lab that investigates social representations of health, violence, education, and gender; and as a substitute professor at the Psychology Department, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianópolis, Brazil.




Phone: (+34) 651497326

Social: Twitter, ResearchGate, GoogleScholar


Selected publications

Xavier, M. (2018). Subjectivity, the unconscious and consumerism: Consuming dreams. London: Palgrave Mcmillan.

Xavier, M. (2017). Juventudes: caracterizações da categoria em estudos sociológicos e antropológicos de Brasil e Portugal. In: S Damiani; C M Hansel; M P de Quadros. (Org.), Cultura de paz: processo em construção (pp. 117-135). 1ed. Caxias do Sul: EDUCS.

Xavier, M. (2016). Subjectivity under the regime of consumerism: The totalization of the subject as a commodity. Psicologia e Sociedade, 28, 207-216.

Xavier, M. (2013). Consumption dreams: how night dreams reveal the colonization of subjectivity by the imaginary of consumerism. Athenea Digital, 13(2): 289-295. Weblink:

Xavier, M. (2013). Consumerism dreams. UAB Divulga Science Journal (online). Weblink:{973f38f2103d51d876dca70e6831e30c6a586ba395c130b41c97ba08f8704c0a}2FPage{973f38f2103d51d876dca70e6831e30c6a586ba395c130b41c97ba08f8704c0a}2FTemplatePageDetallArticleInvestigar&param1=1345649361663

Xavier, M. (2011). Trabalho e sonhos: desejos e pesadelos de professores e trabalhadores da saúde na era do capitalismo organizacional. [Work and dreams: desires and nightmares of professors and health sector workers in the age of organizational capitalism]. Cadernos de Psicologia Social do Trabalho, 14 (1): 93-110. Weblink:

Xavier, M. (2008). Arendt, Jung e Humanismo: um olhar interdisciplinar sobre a violência. [Arendt, Jung, and Humanism: an interdisciplinary outlook on violence]. Saúde e Sociedade, 17 (3): 19-32. Weblink:

Xavier, M. (2006). O conceito de religiosidade em C. G. Jung [The concept of religiosity in C. G. Jung]. Psico, 37 (2): 183-189. Weblink:

Xavier, M. (2005). Religiosidade e problemas com o álcool: um estudo de caso [Religiosity and problem drinking: a case study]. Psicologia Ciência e Profissão, 25 (1): 88-99. Weblink:


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