Marta Roqueta-Fernandez

I am a PhD Candidate awarded with a full-time UOC grant for the Doctoral Programme in Information and Knowledge Society. My main research field is focused on the use of social media by Catalan feminist activists.

Previously, I got my Masters Degree in Gender Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London), and my Masters Degree in Advanced Journalism at Universitat Ramon Llull (Barcelona). I studied Journalism at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

My main research fields are representations of race, sex, gender, disability and sexualities in pop culture and mass media, feminism and digital activism, as well as forced marriages. I was awarded a Nativitat Yarza Scholarship for Gender Studies (Fundació Irla) in order to study public policies aimed at preventing forced marriages both in the UK and Scotland. I worked as a consultant for the Catalan Government during the creation of a Catalan protocol against forced marriage. I have also been a gender consultant for the Catalan public broadcaster, Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals.





Selected publications

Roqueta-Fernàndez, Marta (2020). Desmontando el privilegio masculino blanco en los medios catalanes: #OnSónLesDones. In Eva Hernández Martínez (Coord.), Paola Panarese, Natalia Martínez Pérez & Juan Carlos Suárez Villegas (Eds.), Cartografía de los micromachismos: Dinámicas y violencia simbólica (pp. 661-678). Dykinson.

Roqueta-Fernàndez, Marta (2019). De la poma a la pantalla. Amor, sexe i desig a l’època digital. Pagès Editors.

Roqueta-Fernàndez, Marta (2019). De la manzana a la pantalla. Amor, sexo y deseo en la época digital. Editorial Milenio.

Roqueta-Fernàndez, Marta (2019). Disruptives i desemparades: reflexions en la intersecció entre feminisme i independentisme. In Maria Rodó de Zárate, Marta Jorba, Mireia Foradada & Ares Batlle (Eds.), Terra de ningú (Volum II). Perspectives feministes sobre la repressió (pp. 95-106). Pol·len Edicions.

Roqueta-Fernàndez, Marta (2019). Ressenya: Terra de ningú. Perspectives feministes sobre la independència. Documents d’Anàlisi Geogràfica, 65(3), 647-649.

Roqueta-Fernàndez, Marta (2019). Posthumanism and the creation of racialised, queer identities and sexualities: An analysis of ‘Steven Universe’. AdMIRA-Análisis De Medios, Imágenes Y Relatos Audiovisuales2(7), 48-84.

Roqueta-Fernàndez, Marta (2018). Matrimonis forçats i polítiques de prevenció. Campanyes de la societat civil al Regne Unit i Escòcia i la seva aplicació a Catalunya. Fundació Josep Irla.

Roqueta-Fernàndez, Marta (2015). Women and ISIS: the depiction of female recruits in the five most read newspapers in Catalonia. In Míriam Díez Bosch & Jordi Sánchez Torrents (Eds.), Media, religion and gender in Europe. Universitat Ramon Llull.


Selected projects

Catalan Department of Employment, Social Affairs and Families. Advisor. Creation of a Catalan protocol aimed at preventing forced marriages (2018-19).

Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audioviduals (Catalan pubic broadcaster). Instructor. Creation of narratives that depict sexual and racial diversity on TV series and shows (2019-20).


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