Fabio Zamarreño

PhD Candidate at GenTIC from 2017 to 2023

I have finished my PhD in Organizational Psychology at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. My research focuses on the intersection of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, origin, and disabilities —and how these multiple situations of vulnerability affect women’s performance at the workplace—. I have previously studied a bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature, four master’s degrees (Master of Arts in Literature Research, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Master of Education, and Master of Human Resources Management), as well as an International Business certificate within the UOC – MBA program and several Sociology undergraduate courses at Wesleyan University. I speak 6 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Catalan), I have written an academic book, and I am in the process of publishing my first novel, because I firmly believe that the wider your interests, the deeper your results.

While working and doing my research, I have lived in 7 different countries as part of the Raytheon Technologies expatriation program, and I took that opportunity to learn as much as possible about those cultures, always with the intention of raising my global awareness. These countries are the United States (Connecticut, 2015), France (Toulouse, 2016), Mexico (Monterrey, 2016), Brazil (São Paulo, 2017), China (Chongqing, 2017-18), Spain (Barcelona, 2018) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam, 2020). This is a proven record of how I can successfully adapt to fluid and dynamic environments and deal with challenging and demanding situations.



Email: fabiozamarrenomendez@gmail.com
Social: LinkedIn



Zamarreño, F. (2016). “Cada página lograda es una letra al más allá”. Estudio de la correspondencia Américo Castro-Pedro Salinas. Madrid: E-Prints, Complutense University of Madrid.  ISBN: 978-84-617-5749-7. URL http://eprints.ucm.es/39254/

Chapters in books

Zamarreño, F (2017). The correspondence between Américo Castro and Pedro Salinas: textual challenges. In Una llama que no cesa. Nuevas líneas de Investigación en Filología Hispánica Madrid: Sial / Trivium, 133-150.


Zamarreño, F. (in press). The performance of honor in light of Ibn Tufayl. Américo Castro, Valle-Inclan’s epigone?. Hispanic Studies Review, University of Puerto Rico.

Zamarreño, F. (2015). Pedro Salinas in ‘las ínsulas extrañas.’ Epistolary confessions about his Puerto Rican poetry (1943-46). Voz y Letra, 26(1), 121-136.

Academic reviews

Tabasco, S. y Zamarreño F. (2016). Sara Cruces, Sobre fondo azul. Swim4livehttps://www.swim4live.com/2016/10/22/sobre-fondo-azul/

Zamarreño, F (2016). Pablo Gutiérrez, Democracia. Castilla. Estudios de Literatura, 7, LXXXVI-LXXXIX http://www5.uva.es/castilla/index.php/castilla/article/view/568

Zamarreño, F. (2014). Antonio de Nebrija: Epithalamivm en honor de las bodas de la infanta Isabel de Castilla y el príncipe Alfonso de Portugal, ed. Ruth Martínez Alcorlo. Dicenda. Cuadernos de Filología Hispánica, 33, 61-64 http://revistas.ucm.es/index.php/DICE/article/view/47253

Selected contributions to blogs specialized in sports with a focus on diversity and inclusion

Zamarreño, F. (2016). “El quiero frente al puedo: importancia y equivocada discriminación de la psicología deportiva.” Swim4live. http://www.swim4live.com/2015/03/15/el-quiero-frente-al-puedo-importancia-y-equivocada-discriminación-de-la-psicolog{973f38f2103d51d876dca70e6831e30c6a586ba395c130b41c97ba08f8704c0a}C3{973f38f2103d51d876dca70e6831e30c6a586ba395c130b41c97ba08f8704c0a}ADa-deportiva/

Zamarreño, F. (2015). Quita de ahí, maricón. Natacción. http://www.nataccion.com/quita-de-ahi-maricon/

Zamarreño, F. (2014). Daniel Sánchez, ‘Chapi.’ Brazadas contra la fibrosis quística. Natacción. http://www.nataccion.com/daniel-sanchez-chapi-brazadas-contra-la-fibrosis-quistica/

Zamarreño, F (2013). Entrenar y estudiar, ¿misión imposible?. Natacción. http://www.nataccion.com/entrenar-y-estudiar-mision-imposible


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