Rocío Segura Nebot

I am a Social Psychologist from the University of Granada, where I am carrying out my PhD as part of the Psychology of Social Change Lab. Currently, through the INVESTIGO program, I am also part of the GenTIC team within the HORIGESTEM project from where I collaborate by carrying out part of my thesis.

My research focus is the study of counter-stereotypical interventions in childhood to reduce gender prejudices and promote alliance behaviours, specifically, I focus on the inclusion of children in counter-stereotypical roles. I carry out an action-research methodology through which I design, develop, and evaluate interventions with children in several primary education schools.

On the other hand, I belong to the association @Psicolobas, created with the aim of being a space for participatory psychosocial divulgation.





ORCID: 0000-0002-7520-2649


Instagram: @psicolobas, @social_changelab



Segura-Nebot, R. [Rocío]. (2022, October 6-8). Effectiveness of an intervention based on co-educational stories to reduce stereotypes and gender roles at school [Conference session]. V International Congress Spanish Scientific Society of Social Psychology (SCEPS) and XVI National Congress of Social Psychology. Burgos, Spain.


Segura-Nebot, R. [Rocío]. (2023, June 30-July4). Boys and girls can play: efficacy of a counter-sterotypical intervention based on narratives in Young children [Poster presentation]. 19th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP). Krakow, Poland.


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