José Luis Martínez Cantos


I got my PhD in Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid. My dissertation was about the persistence of the gender digital divide in Spain and Europe, and my main research interests are related to gender, Information Society and labour market. I am also MSc in Gender Equality and graduated in both Economics and Social Anthropology.

Since September 2018, I am Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Department of Applied Sociology of the Complutense University of Madrid. Previously, I was Postdoctoral Researcher at the IN3 and member of the Gender and ICT research group (2015-2018). I have had a pre-doctoral grant at the Complutense University of Madrid, a postgraduate grant in statistics at the National Statistics Institute of Spain and a training scholarship in social research for postgraduates at the Centre for Sociological Research of Spain. I have also been research assistant at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and visiting PhD student at the Department of IT Management of the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark).



Phone: (+34) 93 253 5747
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Selected publications

Sáinz, M., Martínez-Cantos, J. L., & Meneses, J. (2020). Gendered patterns of coping responses with academic sexism in a group of Spanish secondary students (Diferencias de género en las respuestas de afrontamiento del sexismo académico en un grupo de estudiantes españoles de secundaria)International Journal of Social Psychology. doi:10.1080/02134748.2020.1721049 

Sáinz, M., Fàbregues, S., Rodó-de-Zárate, M., Martínez-Cantos, J.L., Arroyo, L., Romano, M.J. (2018). Gendered Motivations to Pursue Male-Dominated STEM Careers Among Spanish Young People. A Qualitative Study. Journal of Career Development. First Published September 24, 2018.

Sáinz, M. & Martínez-Cantos, J.L. (2017). Desigualdades de género en la percepción social de la ciencia y la tecnología en función de la edad y el nivel educativo. In: Josep Lobera, J. (Ed.) Percepción social de la ciencia 2016 (pp. 235-276). Madrid: FECYT.

Castaño, C., Vázquez-Cupeiro, S. & Martínez-Cantos, JL (2017). Gendered management in Spanish universities: functional segregation among vice-rectors, Gender and Education DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2017.1410109

Martínez-Cantos, J.L., & Castaño, Cecilia (2017). La brecha digital de género y la escasez de mujeres en las profesiones TIC. Las desigualdades digitales. Los límites de la Sociedad Red 25, 49-65.

Martínez-Cantos, J.L. (2017). Digital skills gaps: A pending subject for gender digital inclusion in the European Union. European Journal of Communication.

Sáinz, M., Castaño, C., Meneses, J., Fàbregues, S., Müller, J., Rodó , M., Martínez, J., Romano, M., Arroyo, L., Garrido, N. (2017). Se buscan ingenieras, físicas y tecnólogas. ¿Por qué no hay más mujeres STEM?Barcelona: Editorial Ariel. ISBN. 978-84-08-17732-6

Castaño, C., Martín, J. & Martínez-Cantos, J.L. (2015). La Economía Digital. In Torres, C. (ed.) España 2015. Situación social. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.

Martín, J., & Martínez-Cantos, J.L. (2015). El poder económico y empresarial de las mujeres durante la crisis. In Castaño, C. (ed.) Las mujeres en la Gran Recesión. pp. 239 – 269. Madrid: Ediciones Cátedra

Martínez-Cantos, J.L. (2013). Habilidades digitales y brecha de género en Europa (2007-2011). Revista de Estudios Empresariales. Segunda época. 2, pp. 4 – 28

Martín, J., & Martínez-Cantos, J.L. (2012). The digital divide from a gender perspective in Europe: measuring with composite indicators. International Journal of Society Systems Science. 4, pp. 107 – 128

Castaño, C., Martín, J., & Martínez-Cantos, J.L. (2011). La brecha digital de género en España y Europa: medición con indicadores compuestos. Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas. 136, pp. 127 – 140

Castaño, C., Martín, J., Vázquez, S., & Martínez-Cantos, J.L. (2010). Female executives and the glass ceiling in Spain. International Labour Review. 149 (3), pp. 343 – 360



Selected research projects

The gender digital divide in Spain: multi-level analysis (Spain, Europe, Autonomous Communities). Spanish Women’s Institute. Principal Researcher: Cecilia Castaño. Start date: 01/10/2011 – End date: 31/12/2011

Women’s participation in decision making at the Spanish enterprises. Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. Principal Researcher: Cecilia Castaño. Start date: 01/01/2007 – End date: 01/01/2009

Information Society in equality and for equality. Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. Principal Researcher: Cecilia Castaño. Start date: 01/01/2007 – End date: 31/12/2008

e-equality – Centre for the development of the Information Society with and for women. Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. Principal Researcher: Cecilia Castaño. Start date: 01/01/2007 – End date: 31/12/2008

Study about the rural women in Castilla-La Mancha. EQUAL ACTIVA Programm, European Union. Principal Researcher: Mª José Aguilar Idáñez. Start date: 19/10/2006 – End date: 19/10/2007


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