Sergi Yanes Torrado

I am graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and got a Master in Ethnographic Research, Anthropological Theory and Intercultural Relations also from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I also hold a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Barcelona.

I have worked as a research assistant at IGOP (UAB) for the evaluation plan of the basic income trial experiment B-MINCOME (Urban Innovative Action-EU) and as a member of the coordination staff of an educational program from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay (MEC). Previously, I worked as a technician in the socio-educational sector on several community-based and rights restitution projects.

My research focuses on urban and social inequalities, ordering and social control, spatial appropriation, discourses on how heritage and memory enact in processes of place re-signification. Methodologically, my major skills are qualitative research, with a focus on ethnography, in-depth interviews and life-story. Currently, I am also interested in data handling and its representation modes.

Besides collaborating as an assistant in Gender and ICT, during the last years I have also conducted research on the ethnohistory of anarchism and the Francoist dictatorship, both in Spain and Uruguay.





Last Publications

Marcús, Juliana, Mansilla, José A., Boy, Martín, Yanes, Sergi & Aricó, Giuseppe (Coord.) (2019). La ciudad mercancía: turisticación, renovación urbana y políticas de control del espacio público. Teseo: Buenos Aires.

Yanes, Sergi (2019). Recuperar el barrio. Estrategias de transformación urbana en la Ciudad Vieja de Montevideo. In Claudio Milano & José A. Mansilla (Eds.), Ciudad de Vacaciones. Conflictos urbanos en espacios turísticos (pp. 439–454). Barcelona: Pol·len Edicions.

Yanes, Sergi, Marín, Claudio, & Cantabrana, María (2017). Papeles de plomo. Los voluntarios uruguayos en la Guerra Civil espanyola. Montevideo: Banda Oriental.

Malet, Daniel, Yanes, Sergi, & Antebi, Andrés (2016). Reconfigurando el entramado turístico: tres breves ensayos a cargo de “Turismografías”. Quaderns de l’Institut Català d’Antropologia.


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