The project “Polyhedral Views on Gender Violence” is organizing a conference aimed at facilitating an open discussion and sharing ideas and practices on the prevention of gender violence in young people from an intersectional perspective. The conference is mainly addressed to professionals involved in the prevention of gender violence among young people, whether trainers, political leaders and officers on diversity and equality issues, as well as secondary school teachers and researchers interested in these fields.


Date: May 21 to June 4, 2020

Free access: The conference will be held online via Zoom. All sessions are free and will be openly accessible in YouTube Live through the project website and the YouTube channel of the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (CEIG) of Universitat de Vic.

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The conference starts with an inaugural lecture by Emilia Zenzile Roig, founder and director of the Center for Intersectional Justice in Berlin. The program includes three round tables on May 26, May 28 and June 2 with experts in intersectionality, education, psychology, gender violence prevention, and gender equality and LGTBI policies such as Patsilí Toledo, Lucas Platero, Lídia Casanovas, Miquel Missé, Maribel Cárdenas, Míriam Solá, Cristina Garaizabal, Silvia Merino and Amat Molero. To conclude, Vanita Sundaram, a member of the Center for Research in Education and Social Justice (University of York), will offer a final lecture on gender-based violence prevention in secondary education schools, and Lo Relacional will present the podcast ‘Zones F’.


More information on the project website.


Polyhedral views on gender violence: proposals for prevention in secondary schools from an intersectional holistic perspective” is a research project funded by RecerCaixa and coordinated by Maria Rodó-Zárate (GenTIC – UOC) and Gerard Coll-Planas (UVic-UCC).

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