Marta Roqueta-Fernàndez, PhD candidate at GenTIC, is the winner of the 1st Award for the Best Doctoral Contribution to Open Science organized by Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. The researcher has received the best scores in almost every aspect evaluated by this call, including the publication of her research results in the UOC’s O2 repository and facilitating open access of research data in the CORA.RDR repository. Marta Roqueta-Fernàndez has also considered the protection of sensitive personal data and used the tool eiNa DMP to create a Data Management Plan.


Marta Roqueta-Fernàndez is developing her PhD thesis as part of the UOC’s Information and Knowledge Society doctoral programme with the supervision of Milagros Sáinz and Jörg Müller. Her research focuses on the online and offline networked practices of feminist groups to organize their mobilisations and achieve their political claims, and how these practices evolve as they interact with other key stakeholders involved in the social reality they seek to transform. Specifically, Marta Roqueta-Fernàndez explores three feminist Catalan groups as case studies: #OnSónLesDones, Kellys Barcelona, and Kellys Unión Catalunya.


The UOC’s Open Science unit of the Office of the Deputy General Manager for Research and Knowledge Transfer jointly convened the Award for the Best Doctoral Contribution to Open Science on the occasion of the International Open Access Week 2023, held from 23 to 29 October. The award aims to promote open access and dissemination of research and is part of the Global UOC area of the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, which aims to reinforce UOC’s commitment to open knowledge.


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