The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) has published an interview with Marta Roqueta, a writer, journalist and researcher who is currently carrying out her doctoral research at the Gender and ICT research group (GenTIC).


Marta Roqueta explains in this interview the goals and main questions of her research, which analyses how feminist groups use social media to achieve their political aims. “My aim is to understand the interaction between online feminism in Catalonia and community and institutional settings”, she affirms. The researcher focuses on #OnSónLesDones as a case study and explores the connection between the ways people engage in online activism and in activism in the physical world.


Marta Roqueta’s research methods integrate network analysis with situational analysis. Her study stems from both her interest as a feminist activist and as an academic: “For me, the point of academia is to connect with structural and political matters, with knowledge; whereas activism provides subaltern knowledge and the ability to detect bias in academia”, she points out.


Read the full interview with Marta Roqueta at UOC News.


Photo by: Maria Alzamora.


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