On the occasion of Internet Day, on May 17 the Integra Digital Foundation organized the Webinar: Designing the future of the Internet for a better society. Its objective was to reflect on some of the main aspects to be addressed in order to achieve an evolution of the Internet that is more beneficial for people, that reduces its harmful effects, amplifies the positive ones and extends its advantages to all citizens.


The director of GenTIC and principal investigator of HORIGESTEM, Milagros Sáinz, participated as a guest speaker in this webinar to reflect on gender biases and gaps in the digital field. In her intervention, Milagros Sáinz analyzed the different gender gaps that affect the digital inclusion of women throughout their lives: access, skills and uses, and participation and empowerment. The researcher highlighted that, although most people currently access the Internet, age, sex, geographic location and socioeconomic situation favor or disadvantage access to digital resources. On the other hand, Milagros Sáinz presented data that shows the differences in digital skills and uses between boys and girls. Finally, she made reference to gender biases in technological innovations and Artificial Intelligence, and pointed out the importance of carrying out empowerment initiatives for the development of digital skills and co-responsibility.


The webinar also included a presentation by Miguel Zorraquino, director and strategic consultant at the Zorraquino company, who analyzed the importance of design so that users can achieve their objectives in digital environments. For his part, Simón Martínez Rivas, head of the Corporate Social Responsibility area at VIEWNEXT, reflected on the search for happiness through the Internet experience in a presentation in which he analyzed the cognitive and emotional impact of the digital environment and explored the risks and opportunities of new technologies such as the metaverse.


The video of the Webinar: Designing the future of the Internet for a better society is available here.