Publication of the book edited by Anabella Di Tulio, member de GenTIC, together with Romina Smiraglia and Celina Penchansky: Feminisms and politics II. Education, Culture and Memory at the Contexto publishing House.


This book is a continuation of Feminisms and politics. History, rights and power (2020). In it, people who are leaders in feminist issues are invited to reflect about three concepts that the authors consider central to the theoretical and political practice of feminism today: education, culture, and memory. The publication of this book responds to the interest in continuing to study the connections between the mobilizations and the struggles that have occurred over the years, to the persistence of questions and demands that shake the foundations of fossilized and naturalized structures, and to the fissures produced from the margins of the institutionalized cultural discourses that stress that same cultural matrix.



Di Tullio, A. [Anabella], Smiraglia, R. [Romina], Penchansky, C. [Celina] (Eds.). (2023). Feminismos y Política II. Educación, Cultura y Memoria. Resistencia, ConTexto Editorial.



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