Lidia Arroyo has participated as a keynote speaker at the CADEP ACACIA Congress, organized by the CADEP Acacia Network and Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal (Perú) on 26-27th of October.


Lidia Arroyo’s lecture focused on the digital competencies for economic growth with equal opportunities and presented the empirical results of various studies on social inequalities in the context of digitization and in relation to the labour market. On the other hand, the researcher offered an analytical overview of the evolution of ICT and digital inclusion policies in Europe, and highlighted the importance of targeting the most excluded social sectors and attending to the acquisition of digital skills by the population at the lower socio-educational level.


To conclude, Lidia Arroyo pointed at the most relevant hard skills and soft skills to promote an inclusive, social and digital innovation which were identified in an international study on socially responsive enterprises carried out by the +RESILIENT project in eight Mediterranean countries.


Watch Lidia Arroyo’s communication in this video (02:18:20 onwards).


To know more, see the following related publications:

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