The 2019 IN3 Workshop for Young Researchers took place on July 10 as an open event addressed to PhD students from different disciplines to communicate and share their research activities with other colleagues. The event gathered PhD candidates and young researchers from UOC and other universities, as well as senior researchers and editors who shared their work and offered recommendations.


The video below summarizes the aims and objectives of the event. According to Ángel Juan, group leader of ICSO research group and coordinator of UOC doctoral programme in Bioinformatics, the main goal of the IN3 Workshop for Young Researchers is to promote a network of contacts among researchers. The Workshop is, therefore, an opportunity for young academics to find connections with other people’s research and to promote the rising of common interests, in addition to building interdisciplinary links between all knowledge areas and between research and transfer initiatives.


During the 2019 IN3 Workshop for Young Researchers, Marlon Xavier, María del Carmen Gallego Arias and Natalia Garrido shared their ongoing research projects as PhD researchers at GenTIC. GenTIC director Milagros Sáinz offered a communication on gender inequalities and biases in the career progression of women in research and science.


In this video, Marlon Xavier highlights that by sharing their work and knowing different ways of approaching a topic researchers can question their methodological and theoretical assumptions and rethink their own research. María del Carmen Gallego Arias, in her side, points at the need for an interdisciplinary approach to technology so that social sciences collaborate with technological disciplines in order to challenge existing biases and break the gender gap.



Photo by Tobias Fischer on Unsplash.

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