The Gender and ICT research team has participated in the 6th International Congress of Educational Sciences and Development, held on 21-23 June 2018 in the Portuguese city of Setúbal. The gathering is aimed at researchers and professionals working in the fields of family, school and community education, and in psychology of human development, both with a practical or a theoretical approach.

Milagros Sáinz, GenTIC’s Director, has coordinated the symposium ‘The prevalence of gender roles and discrimination in some educational settings’, oriented to discuss evidence on the prevalence of gender-related stereotypes and discrimination in different educational settings.

Whereas young boys are encouraged by parents, school teachers, and other meaningful social actors to enrol in sports (such as football), girls are encouraged to enrol in sports such as gymnastics. Similarly, across secondary school years girls develop lower interest than their male counterparts in some STEM subject areas. The training programs of future primary and secondary teachers, on the other hand, reinforce the reproduction of gender roles and stereotypes about several academic competences.

Several members of GenTIC gave presentations in the Congress, addressing these topics, as well as outlining some practical interventions sensitive to gender discrimination in intersection with ethnicity in the context of secondary and higher education:

Gender differences in Sports in secondary education. Sara Rozenwajn and Sara García (University of La Laguna).

Gender gaps in the development of academic motivation among Spanish secondary school studentsMilagros Sáinz (GenTIC, UOC) and Katja Upadyaya (University of Helsinki).

Pre-service teachers’ opinions and attitudes of gender roles and stereotypes in the teaching of STEM subjects. María del Carmen Gallego (PhD candidate at GenTIC, UOC).

Didactic Unit to fight against the double discrimination of female gypsies among secondary school students. Fabio Zamarreño (PhD candidate at GenTIC, UOC).


Download the full programme in this link.


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