+RESILIENT 2nd Webinar “Ideation tools and techniques for public service design and social innovation”

Webinar aimed at the partners of the +RESILIENT project and the MED Community interested in co-creation for social and sustainable innovation with a participatory and integrated approach. 18 December 2020. READ MORE

ACT Matching Events

Between 14th – 29th October 2020, the ACT project is hosting a series of virtual events dedicated to the gender equality priorities of the European Research Area. The events will bring together members of the ACT Communities of Practice and other stakeholders. READ MORE

2020 Online Workshop on “Sports and Health Analytics Research”

The Spanish Network on Sports and Health Analytics Research with a Gender Perspective (SHARP), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport (09/UPR/20), is organizing this open event to promote the rising of common interests in research and transfer regarding the application of data science and research analytics to sports and health with a gender perspective. READ MORE

Online Conference “Polyhedral Views on Gender Violences”

Organized by the project “Polyhedral views on gender violence” to hold an open discussion on the prevention of gender-based violence among young people from an intersectional perspective. 21 May – 4 June 2020. READ MORE

E-discussion: Addressing Sexual Harassment in Research Organizations

The 2nd #ACTonERA e-discussion organized by the ACT project on GenPORT is addressing the responses to and prevention of sexual harassment in research institutions. Convened by Claartje Vinkenburg, with invited experts Fredrik Bondestam, Maja Lundqvist, Marijke Naezer and Susana Amoah. 16 April 2020. READ MORE

E-discussion: Gender equality in decision-making in R&I and HE

The ACT project organizes this 1st #ACTonERA e-discussion on GenPORT to share recent insights in decision-making and leadership in R&I and HE organisations. Coordinated by Rachel Palmén, with invited experts including Pat O’Connor and Anne Laure Humbert. 19 March 2020. READ MORE

2019 Open Workshop on Analytics@Sport&Health

Workshop co-organized by Research Group ICSO of the IN3FoodLab (UOC Faculty of Health Sciences) and Gender and ICT, in the framework of the Spanish Network on Data Analytics in Sport and Health (05/UPR/19), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport. Movistar Centre, Barcelona. 11-12 November 2019. READ MORE

1st ACT International Synergy Conference

Conference aimed at building Communities of Practice for gender equality in ERA. An interactive event for practitioners to #ACTonGender in HE and R&I. Brussels, 25 February 2019. READ MORE

Seminar: Strategies to increase girls’ interest in STEM

Organised by GenTIC to discuss the implementation of interventions aimed at reducing gender inequalities in STEM fields, with presentations by Janet Hyde and Milagros Sáinz. UOC (22@), Barcelona. 8 January 2019. READ MORE