2021 Online Workshop on “Gender and Data Science in Sports and Health”

Organized by the Spanish Network on Gender and Data Science in Sports and Health (GENDASH) to share research and knowledge transfer activities linked to the study of the relationship between health and well-being through sports activity from a gender perspective. 26-27 October 2021. READ MORE

6th +RESILIENT Transfer Webinar: “Skills identification and development in Social Innovation”

The webinar will present the results of a transnational study coordinated by Lídia Arroyo and discuss the main contributions of the +Resilient Project in the field of the skills for social innovation and sustainable organizations. 8 October 2021. READ MORE

ACT Synthesis Event

Final event of the ACT project, with roundtable sessions and discussions about the ACT Communities of Practice experiences and project results. 30 September 2021. READ MORE

Impacto de la pandemia Covid19 sobre las relaciones de género [Impact of the Covid19 pandemic on gender relations]

Meeting organized by the Gender Sociology Committee of the Spanish Federation of Sociology, with the participation of GenTIC researcher Jörg Müller. 15-16 July 2021. READ MORE

CASPER e-discussion: Gender Equality Certification Scenarios

E-discussion organized by the CASPER project on GenPORT as an open forum to comment and discuss three potential Gender Equality Certification/Award Schemes (GECAS) for European research performing organisations. 18 June 2021. READ MORE

Workshops: Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (GEAM) tool (Sessions 2 & 3)

Hands-on workshops co-organised by GE Academy and ACT to provide an overview of the ACT GEAM tool, a framework to generate and report high-quality data on gender equality without in-depth previous knowledge to design and implement surveys. Trainers: Jörg Müller and Sergi Yanes. 14 and 21 May 2021. Participation in the first session of the workshop is a prerequisite to register for these two sessions. READ MORE

Workshop: An introduction to the Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (Session1)

Workshop co-organised by GE Academy and ACT to introduce the ACT GEAM tool. The workshop is addressed to individuals with little experience in the social sciences, with no previous knowledge regarding the design and implementation of online surveys. Trainers: Jörg Müller and Sergi Yanes. 11 May 2021. READ MORE

Final Event “Polyhedral Views on Gender Violence”

Organized by the project “Polyhedral views on gender violence” to present the results of the research carried out for three years on the prevention of gender-based violence among young people in secondary education from an intersectional perspective. 28 April 2021. READ MORE

Workshop: “Generating high-quality data for designing & implementing gender equality measures in your institution”

Jörg Müller, senior researcher at GenTIC and coordinator of the H2020 project ACT, will provide an introduction to the Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (GEAM) tool developed by the ACT team. Co-organized by GE Academy and ACT project. 27 April 2021. READ MORE

+RESILIENT 6th Webinar “Key Elements for Social Digital Innovation”

Webinar organized by GenTIC as part of the +RESILIENT project with the goal to provide insights on how to identify, generate and consolidate social digital innovation within organizations to make them more resilient. 26 February 2021. READ MORE

2nd ACT International Synergy Conference 

Virtual conference to report on the contribution of the H2020 ACT project to advance gender equality in research and innovation in the EU based on the concept of Community of Practice (CoP). 11 – 12 February 2021. READ MORE

+RESILIENT 3rd Webinar “Monitoring and evaluation methods for social innovation”

Webinar oriented to support the partners of the +RESILIENT project and the pilot action stakeholders in their evaluation process, with presentations by Francesca Petrella (Aix-Marseille Université) and GenTIC researchers Lídia Arroyo and Rachel Palmén. 15 January 2021. READ MORE

CASPER Co-creation Workshops

The CASPER project is organizing 10 online workshops with stakeholders in different regions of Europe to co-create the scenarios for a gender equality certification or award scheme at the EU level. January/February 2021. READ MORE