The Spanish Network on Gender and Data Science in Sports and Health (GENDASH), funded by the High Council of Sports (CSD) of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport (Ref. 02/UPR/21), is pleased to invite you to the 2021 Online Workshop on “Gender and Data Science in Sports and Health”.


Date: 26th and 27th October 2021.
Venue: Online
Call for Abstracts: Please submit your abstract by submitting this form by 4th October 2021.


The workshop will be a free open event (registration link required) where experts, practitioners, and researchers from different disciplines can communicate their research linked to the study of the relationship between health and well-being through sports activity from a gender perspective. Sessions in the program will be presented orally. Each presenter is allocated a 15 minutes slot followed by 5 minutes questions and answers.


The main goal is to establish a network of contacts, including students, academics and professionals, that can promote the rising of common interests in research and knowledge transfer activities regarding the following topics:

(i) providing evidence on the situation of women in sports and the promotion of healthy habits through various analytical methodologies such as data science;

(ii) exploring new lines of research that contribute to a better understanding of gender inequalities in sports and physical activity, health and well-being.

(iii) identifying good practices that inspire recommendations to reduce gender inequalities in nutrition, physical activity and sport.

(iv) describing the current situation and identifying emerging trends of the sports and health sectors using data-intensive studies;

(v) integrating a gender perspective in the approach of research analytics in sports and health.



Related topics: Gender, Analytics, Sports and Health.

The workshop will be held in Spanish.

The abstract (200-250 words) must summarize the topic and the results to be presented.

Keywords: up to 5 words.

All participants with accepted abstracts must prepare a PowerPoint presentation to be submitted before the opening day of the workshop.



This event is financed by the High Council of Sports (CSD) of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport (Ref. 02/UPR/21) and coordinated by three research groups at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya: Gender and ICT (IN3-UOC), ICSO (IN3-UOC) and FoodLab (UOC Faculty of Health Sciences).


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