Social media and digital tools have become important means for feminist groups to organize their mobilisations, disseminate shared experiences and reach wider audiences. The doctoral thesis of GenTIC researcher Marta Roqueta-Fernàndez focuses on this topic and studies how the use of the Internet and social media helps feminist movements to achieve their goals and organize internally. One of the groups analyzed is #OnSónLesDones, which strive for equal representation of men and women as experts in Catalan media. Marta Roqueta-Fernàndez has carried out a pilot study on the online and offline activity of this group which explores the links of their digital communication strategies and collective action in the physical world.


The scope and main conclusions of Marta Roqueta-Fernàndez’s preliminary research are detailed in the article “Smashing Catalan media patriarchy using digital tools”, published at the IN3 Blog on July 20, 2021.


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To know more on the results of the pilot study of Marta Roqueta-Fernàndez about the feminist group #OnSónLesDones, have a look at the book chapter “Desmontando el privilegio masculino blanco en los medios catalanes: #OnSónLesDones”, included in Cartografía de los micromachismos: Dinámicas y violencia simbólica (2020).


Photo by Arièle Bonte on Unsplash.


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