Jörg Müller, a senior researcher in Gender and ICT, co-author a new article together with Anne Laure Humbert (Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice at Oxford Brookes University) and Elisabeth Anna Guenther (Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) that proposes a new measure as a diagnostic tool of gender diversity for research teams.


The article is based on wider research carried out as part of the H2020 GEDII project and elaborates a more complex understanding of gender diversity than merely relying on the proportion of women and men, by taking into account the outcomes of gendered processes along seven grounds of diversity (age, care responsibilities, marital status, education, tenure, seniority, contractual position). The authors apply the measure at the level of teams as a unit of analysis rather than focusing on the individuals or the organisations. The results for STEM research teams are provided to show the potential uses of the Gender Diversity Index as a diagnostic tool or to measure and report on the progress of gender change within higher education institutions.


Find the article “Not Simply ‘Counting Heads’: A Gender Diversity Index for the Team Level” on the Social Indicators Research journal.


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