Rachel Palmén, senior researcher at GenTIC, has published an article in Scientometrics which explores the link between gender equality-related interventions and their subsequent effects in research and innovation outcomes. Co-authored with Susanne Bührer (Fraunhofer ISI), Evanthia Kalpazidou Schmidt (Aarhus University) and Sybille Reidl (Joanneum Research), the paper is based on the innovative evaluation framework developed within the H2020 project EFFORTI.


The researchers apply a theory of change evaluation approach to two case studies in Germany aimed at increasing the participation of female researchers in the science system: the “Women Professorship Programme” and the “Pact for Research and Innovation”. Both programmes are discussed and analysed through the theory-based evaluation framework and its indicators to identify gender equality impacts and also broader effects on research and innovation.


The findings suggest that, although it is challenging to establish linear linkages due to the complexity of the process, these German programmes have contributed not only to higher shares of women researchers but also to improved female publication and citation rates.


The article is available open access at the journal website.


Photo by Jens Mahnke from Pexels.

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