The project “Polyhedral Views on Gender Violence” has concluded its online conferences on Thursday, June 4, with a final lecture by Vanita Sundaram, professor of education at the University of York and member of the Center for Research on Education and Social Justice (CRESJ).

Vanita Sundaram‘s presentation offered an overview of the key elements arisen in her research on gender violence in different educational settings and highlighted the remaining questions to consider when developing a truly intersectional approach to violence prevention.

The “Zones F” podcast was also presented in this last conference session, an audio creation by Patricia Fuentes Millán and Desiré Rodrigo García (Lo Relacional) in which they share the common challenges, questions and strategies that emerge in workshops and initiatives aimed at tackling gender violence prevention and other forms of social inequalities and discriminations in secondary schools.

The conference “Polyhedral Views on Gender Violences” included an inaugural lecture by Emilia Zenzile Roig (Center for Intersectional Justice), and has been structured in three roundtables with invited experts on the fields of intersectionality, feminism, education, sexual and gender diversity, gender equality, violence prevention and public policies.

With almost 2000 views, the conference sessions have provided conceptual and applied tools for reflection and practice, and have facilitated an open exchange with the participants via Zoom and through the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (CEIG)‘s YouTube Live channel. You can find all the presentations and discussions below and on the project website.


Inaugural lecture. Why intersectionality is not a luxury, by Emilia Zenzile Roig (Center for Intersectional Justice). Chaired by Maria Rodó-Zárate (GenTIC – UOC).


Roundtable 1. Intervencions en la cruïlla: Com apliquem la interseccionalitat en la prevenció de les violències de gènere? (Crossroads Interventions: How do we apply intersectionality in the prevention of gender-based violence?), with Patsilí Toledo (Antígona Research Group –  UAB), Lucas Platero (AFIN Research Group – UAB) and Lídia Casanovas (Fil a l’agulla). Chaired by Maria Rodó-Zárate (GenTIC – UOC).


Roundtable 2. Les fronteres del gènere: Com articulem els eixos dona/home i diversitat sexual i de gènere en la prevenció de la violència? (The boundaries of gender: How do we articulate the women/men axis and sexual and gender diversity in violence prevention?), with Miquel MisséMaribel Cárdenas and Míriam Solá. Chaired by Gerard Coll-Planas (UVic-UCC).


Roundtable 3. Pedagogies del desig: Com abordem la pornografia en les aules de secundària (Pedagogies of desire: How do we approach pornography in high school classrooms), with Cristina GaraizabalSilvia Merino (Candela) and Amat Molero (Ulleres per esquerrans). Chaired by Gerard Coll-Planas (UVic-UCC).


Concluding lecture. “Exploring an intersectional approach to gender-based violence prevention in secondary schools: research, questions and challenges“, by Vanita Sundaram (University of York). Chaired by Gerard Coll-Planas (UVic-UCC).


“Zones F” Podcast

Produced by Patricia Fuentes Millán and Desiré Rodrigo García (Lo Relacional). Transcription available here.

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