The journal Social Inclusion has published an article by GenTIC researcher Lidia Arroyo on the implications of digital technologies and digital inclusion for the transformation of gender inequalities in terms of time use. Based on a qualitative study with a sample of 32 women who participated in a lifelong learning programme in Spain, in this article Lidia Arroyo provides empirical evidence of the mutual interrelation between time allocation and digital inclusion from a gender perspective.


The researcher considers how gender inequalities in time use shape women’s experience of digital inclusion and, at the same time, how digital inclusion promotes the reconfiguration of time in women’s everyday lives. The article argues that digital inclusion does not automatically lead to a more egalitarian allocation of time use for women, but rather places greater value on women’s free time.


The publication is open access, free to read and download in this link.


Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels.

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