On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya has published an interview with Milagros Sáinz, director of GenTIC. In the conversation, Milagros Sáinz explains the reasons that drive girls away from scientific and technological vocations, and underlines that it is a false belief to think that women are not attracted to science.


“Science is not limited only to the fields of pure sciences or technology, but is present in the humanities, social and legal sciences and the arts,” she says. Women have made important contributions in science and in all these disciplines that have barely been visible throughout history, and recognizing female talent is for Milagros Sáinz a matter of social justice.


The inclusion of the ‘a’ of ‘arts’ in the STEAM acronym is currently used to emphasize the contributions of the humanities, arts and social sciences in the design and production of technologies. In Milagros Sáinz‘s opinion, it is essential to stop talking about disciplines and occupations that are not female and emphasize the need for interdisciplinary teams that work to ensure that technological creations and data science are human rights-oriented and do not promote social inequalities.


Access the full interview on the news section of Universitat Oberta de Catalunya:

English version

Spanish version

Catalan version


Photo: UOC

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