The journal Evaluation and Program Planning has published an article co-authored by GenTIC researchers Rachel Palmén, Lidia Arroyo and Jörg Müller, together with Sybille Reidl and Maximilian Unger (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) and Maria Caprile (Notus: Applied Social Research), on the integration of the gender dimension in teaching, research content & knowledge and technology transfer.


The authors apply the evaluation framework developed by the H2020 project EFFORTI to three empirical case study interventions that aim to integrate the gender dimension in tertiary education and research content. After a comparison of the design, implementation, outcomes and impacts of the three interventions, the findings highlight the importance of design regarding resources, legal status and the definition and operationalisation of the gender concept.


The article is available open access in the journal website



Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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