The journal Evaluation and Programe Planning has published a new article co-authored by Rachel Palmén, senior researcher at Gender and ICT, and Evanthia Kalpazidou Schmidt, associate professor at Aarhus University. The paper analyses the facilitating and hindering factors that have affected the implementation of gender equality interventions in research and innovation in Europe.


Rachel Palmén and Evanthia Kalpazidou Schmidt apply the evaluation framework developed in the H2020 project EFFORTI to 19 empirical case studies and focus on the structural and procedural aspects that have intervened in implementation processes.


Findings highlight how the governance framework; top-management commitment; bottom-up participation; framing synergies with other initiatives, strategies for tackling resistance; resources; sustainability of actions; gender competence, experience and knowledge and transparency, targets, standards and monitoring; and accessible data and information all contributed to the successful execution of the interventions.


The full paper is available Open Access in the journal website.


Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

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