On the occasion of the LGBTQI+ Pride Day on 28 June, the telecommunications company Colt Technology organized an internal event in its Services Center in Barcelona to celebrate diversity and reflect on the LGBT+ community rights in the workplace.

Fabio Zamarreño Méndez and María del Carmen Gallego Arias, PhD Candidates in GenTIC, were invited speakers to offer an overview of the existing stereotypes around LGBTQI+ people and their labour situation in Spain.

María del Carmen Gallego Arias focused her presentation on the gender roles and stereotypes about women and lesbians in STEM fields, and how the intersection of both social categories generates different types of discrimination.

Fabio Zamarreño Méndez, also with an intersectional perspective, analysed the current situation and side effects of discrimination against the LGBTQI+ population in Spain and internationally.

To conclude the event, several staff members of Colt shared with their workmates the experience of being a diverse family, as lesbian and gay parents.

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