The 13th edition of the Spanish Congress of Sociology, the main annual meeting for scientists and professionals of this discipline in Spain, will be held in València from 3 to 6 of July.

The contribution of the GenTIC research group to this symposium will be diverse. On the one hand, Jörg Müller is part of the scientific committee of the Congress (in the working group specialized in gender), and on the other hand, several members of GenTIC will give presentations at the meeting.

Milagros Sáinz will present an article coauthored by Mª del Carmen Gallego under the title “The gender gap in the choice of higher education: influence of sexist beliefs and ambivalent sexism” in which the prevalence and (re)transmission of gender roles and stereotypes is analyzed with regard to the scientific and technological fields among pre-service teachers of primary and secondary education.

Jörg Müller will introduce the paper “Using Sensors in Organizational Research “Clarifying Rationales and Validation Challenges for Mixed Methods” in which the alleged objectivity with which the data coming from the different sensors –whose use is increasingly popular in social and organizational research– is often presented is questioned: the validation of these data should take into account the contextual clues and the very constructs that have guided the research itself.

Lidia Arroyo will give two presentations. In the first one “The search for employment on the Internet: the experience of women users of digital inclusion programs” she will explore the experience of online job searching, assessing concurrent inequalities due to gender, educational level or migrant status, among others (see related publication). In her second presentation, Lidia Arroyo, along with Claudia Malpica, will analyse to what extent gender and other socio-educational conditions affect digital inclusion and the different uses of the Internet among women.

Have a look at the Conference website and programme here.


Photo by Mauro Mora on Unsplash.


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