Last April 10, the Office of Women and LGTBI of the Barcelona Provincial Council organized the ‘Crossing Feminist Views’ Day at the space Francesca Bonnemaison, in which more than one hundred people from different entities of the local world participated. The conference was arranged in the framework of the Institutional Campaign for the International Women’s Day on March 8.

The central idea that was repeated throughout the day is that we have the urgent need to stop perceiving homogenously the subject of feminism, questioning the heteronormative white feminism in order to subvert the current racist, capacitist, violent and homophobic order. It is not possible to speak of feminisms without taking into account the voices least valued by the system and claiming actual and equal rights for all.

Maria Rodó, a postdoctoral researcher at GenTIC, moderated the roundtable ‘Connecting Feminists Fights’ aimed at gathering and articulating experiences based on the situated knowledge of women who struggle to generate a feminist transformation in various fields.

Check in these links the program and materials from the event

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