The Conference The Future of Gender Equality in European Research and Innovation was held in Brussels last 9 April gathering 70 policy makers, gender experts, practitioners and scholars to discuss new developments and priorities for the future of gender equality in European research and innovation. This meeting was part of GenderAction, a European H2020 Project aimed at setting the stage for the future of gender equality in Europe.

Milagros Sáinz, director of GenTIC, participated in the panel Innovation and gender: digitalization, AI and ethics together with other experts in the field who agreed that it was vital to focus on what people will do with Artificial Intelligence in their everyday life, and discussed how AI is reshaping organizations, and, to a larger extent, power, authority and voice.

The main messages of the conference were the need to adopt an intersectional approach to gender equality, focus on the Business Enterprise Sector, the need to integrate sex and gender analysis in the development of Artificial Intelligence, respond seriously on the issue of violence on women and sexual harassment and the need to support Social Sciences and Humanities and gender oriented research specifically.

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