The journal Panorama Social, published by the Funcas Foundation, has just released a special issue focused on gender gaps in different areas such as education, work, health, care, pensions, roles or gender violence.

Milagros Sáinz and Julio Meneses, director and senior researcher of GenTIC respectively, have participated in the monograph with an article entitled ‘Gender Gaps and Biases on the Choice of Studies and Careers in the Secondary Education‘.

The article highlights the persistence in Spanish schools of vocational segregation by gender during the years of secondary education. In addition, it delves into probable causal factors linked to the process of socialization in both family and school that affect the lack of scientific and technological vocations in some girls and, its counterpart, the lack of humanistic and social vocations in some boys.

You can download the article and the full monograph here.

Have a look at this blog post by Milagros Sáinz and Julio Meneses in funcasBLOG.

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