The study “Women in the Digital Age”, carried out by Iclaves for the European Commission, will be presented in Madrid on June 6, 2018. The director of GenTIC, Milagros Sáinz
collaborated as academic advisor in the report, the results of which will be the
basis for the future Digital Single Market strategy.

The findings of this new study show that there is a growing gap between men and women’s participation in the digital sector in education, career and entrepreneurship. Despite the growing demand of ICT specialists and digital profiles, the percentage of Europeans with ICT-related education is decreasing. Although this is a common trend for both genders, there are lesser women than men who are taking ICT related jobs and education. In fact, only 24 out of every 1000 women who graduate are doing ICT related subjects, of which just 6 of them end up working in the digital sector. Within the Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission will develop a set of measures seeking to act in three major areas: the fight against stereotypes, the promotion of education and digital skills, and the promotion of women entrepreneurs.

On the occasion of the presentation of the study “Women in Digital Age”, various roundtables will be held in the Representation of the European Commission in Madrid, Spain. Milagros Sáinz will chair the roundtable “Education and digital skills: gender differences”, which will include the participation of Cecilia Castaño, professor of Economics at the Complutense University and expert in gender and ICT, and Alicia Richart, director of DigitalES.

Have a look at the schedule and register at the event on the 6th of June 2018 in this link.

The full version of the study “Women in Digital Age” is available here.


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