Built on the previously conducted stakeholder workshops held in Madrid and in Brussels, the second Spanish national workshop of EFFORTI took place in the UOC’s building in Barcelona. Nearly 20 experts on gender equality, diversity management and public policies assessment from universities, research centres and public institutions participated.

The EFFORTI team gave insights into the project progress and presented the current development of the EFFORTI Toolbox, which shall enable evaluators, research managers, policy-makers and programme owners to conduct a sound analysis of the outputs, outcomes and impacts of gender equality measures in RTDI across Europe. During the workshop, participants discussed on the possibilities of use of the EFFORTI Toolbox prototype and provided with very practical inputs and suggestions into how it should be improved.

The EFFORTI Toolbox is being developed to assist in the design, monitoring and evaluation of a broad variety of gender equality measures in the R&I system, taking into account the diversity of national policies as well as national and organizational contexts.

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