The study “Women in Digital Age” has been carried out by Iclaves for the European Comission with the objective to identify key factors and trends regarding women’s participation in ICT and its dynamics. Among other topis, the study explores gender differences in attitudes towards technology, the existing unconscious biases in the digital world, and the main challenges for female leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as analyzing best practices to foster women’s activity in the digital sector. Milagros Sáinz, director of Gender and ICT, has taken part in the research as academic advisor, together with Carlota Tarín, Esther Guerra, Rafael Rivera and Alberto Fraile (members of Iclaves), and Usúe Madinaveitia (Bit & Business, Mamiconcilia).

To conclude the study, the results will be presented in a working session on 12 December 2017 simultaneously in two European Commission venues in Brussels and Madrid. During the meeting, experts in gender, ICT and entrepreneurship from the public and private sectors with revise the conclusions and will discuss key recommendations to increase the number of girls in STEM studies, to foster the acquisition of advanced digital skills by girls and women, and to empower women in the digital leadership and entrepreneurship system, breaking the glass ceiling and achieving greater gender equality in the ICT environment.

The final report will be available soon.


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