The GEDII project is looking for successful stories about inventions. Would you like to share your experience and inspire other people?

GEDII (Gender Diversity Impact) is a Horizon 2020 funded project, coordinated by Gender and ICT, which explores the impact of gender diversity in research teams’ performance. Now, we are looking for stories about inventions that have been developed in women’s groups as well as in mixed gender groups, and about the factors that contributed to its success.

Which process did you go through? Who acted as an inspiring person or a helping hand? How did you organize and what were the key factors? Let us know your story and let other people learn from it. There are 3 prizes and, as an option, the best storyteller can be presented in the exhibition “ingenious inventors”.

Deadline for applications: 7th January 2018


The best stories are rewarded with vouchers for individually selected training courses. Value:

  • 1st winner: € 2.000
  • 2nd winner: € 1.200
  • 3rd winner: € 800

As an Option, the best storyteller can be presented in the exhibition “ingenious inventors”.

Evaluation criteria


  • The contribution illustrates the way towards an invention.
  • It centers the inventor(s) and the process of inventing.
  • It is no advertisement for products.


The story should put special emphasis on the social implications of the invention. What difference does the invention make to people’s daily lives? What impact does it have? What were the foreseen usage scenarios by the inventors and those that not-foreseen?


  • The format of contribution fits to the story.
  • The contribution provokes emotions.

Additional criteria

  • Tie to diversity issue
  • Tie to gender issue

A jury will select the best 10 contributions, and a final public voting process will run from 12th January to 25th January 2018. The winner will be announced on 31 January 2018.

Visit the GEDII website to know more and to access the application form.

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