Among other research lines, Gender and ICT explores the influence of academic sexism and gender roles in girls’ and boys’ study choices and self-concepts of ability regarding STEM and non-STEM fields. Our research findings show that gender stereotypes influence students’ academic motivations and explain the vocational segregation observed in men and women’s occupational choices.

We have created several infographics with the aim to share this knowledge and increase society’s awareness of this fact, specifically teachers, parents, career guidance professionals, adolescents and youngsters, and policy makers. The contents derive from diverse studies curried out within the project ESTEREO, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, and a research project funded by the Catalan Women’s Institute.

The infographics have been created and spread in social media thanks to a collaboration agreement settled by GENTIC with the Catalan Women’s Institute. You can access the English version in this link.

To know more and access the Spanish and Catalan versions, please go to Communication to stakeholders in this website.

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