The GenPORT project was invited by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, to participate at the Gender in Physics Day (GiPD) and share the lessons learnt from the experience of making a network on gender and science. The event consisted of a one-day conference and took place in Geneva on 27 January 2017, co-organised by CERN, ESO and NordForsk.

Lidia Arroyo, researcher of Gender and ICT, presented the communication and engagement strategies undertaken to achieve the creation of the GenPORT community, a gender and science international network composed by more than 900 users. GenPORT is a community sourced internet portal that offers an open collaborative environment for exchanging resources and knowledge on gender across all sciences (i.e.  Natural and Social Sciences, and Humanities).

The available information in GenPORT is constantly updated by its community of users. It also offers online discussion forums where users from across the globe can gather to discuss emergent topics related to gender in science. Nowadays, it counts with more than 400 contributions and resources from international experts in different fields.

If you are an expert or you are interested in incorporating a gender and science perspective in your field, we encourage you to take part in the GenPORT community.


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