Lidia Arroyo, PhD candidate and member of the Gender and ICT Research Programme, has offered the presentation “Technologies in our daily lives: impacts and concerns” in the Ageing Working Group of the City of Barcelona. Organized by the Social Welfare Council of this city, the session has taken place on 21th June and has been dedicated to the potentialities that the information and communication technologies offer for the social participation of the elderly people.

Lidia Arroyo’s presentation has focused on the impact of ICT in the elderly’s daily lives and their contributions to the network society. She has analysed the data available about e-participation of the old sectors of society with a gender perspective and has reflected on the active role that the elderly must have in the development of new technological innovations and the Internet of Things.

The Social Welfare Council of the City of Barcelona is a participatory body oriented to involve the civil society in the debate about social welfare. Composed by diverse social associations and NGOs, universities, trade unions and political parties, it aims to improve the quality of life in the city by analysing and developing proposals, and presenting them to the local government.

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