Workshop on “Data Intensive Research Practices: Feminist Perspectives” on the upcoming 9th Biennial Gender, Work and Organisation Conference in 2016. The workshop invites feminist reflections on the digitization and quantification of empirical research and its concomitant forms of knowledge production and governance. Our aim is to bring together critical, feminist engagements with data intensive research methods.

The workshop is organised by Anne Laure Humbert (Cranfield Uni., UK), Martha Michailidou (Panteion Uni., Greence) and Jörg Müller (UOC, Spain).

We are looking for empirical research that treats and reflects upon ‘data’ and its manipulation in the context of feminist research. This certainly includes statistics but also ‘newer’ techniques such as text mining applications, machine learning, sensor based monitoring, the (culture) of algorithms and code, the manipulation of ‘big data’, benchmarking, or visualizations among many others. The initial list and formulation is intentionally kept very broad since we want to avoid knee-jerk reactions following well known debates regarding ‘quantitative’ vs ‘qualitative’ methods or hyped celebrations of data analysis and data science. Rather, the idea is to stimulate a much needed discussion about the ways in which new data conceptualizations, technologies, and related social practices are transforming the research landscape and could be used for social transformative change. How can the emerging practices be reclaimed for feminist agendas? What opportunities and challenges do they hold for research practice and social justice concerns?

Call for abstracts: Abstracts of approximately 500 words (ONE page, Word document NOT PDF, single spaced, excluding references, no header, footers or track changes) are invited by 1st November 2015 with decisions on acceptance to be made by workshop conveners within one month. All abstracts will be peer reviewed. New and young scholars with ‘work in progress’ papers are welcomed. Papers can be theoretical or theoretically informed empirical work. In the case of co-authored papers, ONE person should be identified as the corresponding author. Upon acceptance, full papers should be submitted by 31st of May 2016, to be circulated among workshop participants prior to the conference. Abstracts should be emailed to:

Workshop details: GWO Data Intensive Research Practices (PDF)

Questions and contact: Jörg Müller (

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