Though the wealth of resources developed in Europe over the last decade offers enormous potential for knowledge sharing and informed action, these resources are dispersed, and have varying degrees of visibility and usability. Globally, too, major gaps in the dissemination of past and present knowledge persist, while new information is constantly being produced. The ‘GenPORT’ project exploits these numerous resources, via an internet portal which will offer these materials in accessible, timely, value-added ways to enhance the potential for their exploitation.

The project exploits the UOC’s established expertise in developing online repositories. The portal will provide an open entry-point to high-quality research, policy reports and practical resources on gender, science, technology and innovation. Five major European country clusters, representing the main gender and science policy environments, will provide resources for initial dissemination and provide the platform for developing the collection worldwide. Policy support will be provided through research syntheses and ICT-enhanced policy briefings.

The portal is also ‘crowd-sourced’: we draw stakeholders in, share knowledge, create web tools to add value to resources, and exploit social media to boost the impact of the key messages coming from the latest research and policy insights. On-line community activities are at the centre of the portal; offline, concertation meetings and stakeholders’ events create synergies for increased collaboration between members of the community of practice. Our aim is that this portal, showcasing a vast array of resources and innovative user interaction, boosts practical and policy action by illuminating the contribution of gender equality to science excellence.

The project is funded for the period May 2013 to April 2017 through the European Union FP7 ‘Science in Society’ Programme under the theme ‘Creating a transnational community of practitioners (Internet Portal)’.

Project team

IN3 Gender and ICT Programme
Jörg Müller (Project Coordinator):
Juliet Webster, Julià Minguillón, Lidia Arroyo, Elena Rodríguez, Jordi Conesa, Ricard Solans.

Portia Ltd, UK
Elizabeth Pollitzer
Henrietta Dale

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Italy
Maria Caprile
Manuelita Mancini
Barbara de Micheli
Rachel Palmén

Univezita Mateja Bela, Slovakia
Sandra Bitusikova

Örebrö University, Sweden
Liisa Husu
Jeff Hearn

GESIS – Leibnitz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Germany
Anke Lipinsky
Nina Steinweg
Laura Getz

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