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2018, 2 May. Regió7. El col·lectiu LGTBI percep el Bages com una comarca conservadora. Maria Rodó de Zárate takes part in the presentation of the diagnosis on the situation of the LGTBI collective in the Bages Region (Catalan).

2018, 17 March. ARA Balears. Maria Rodó de Zárate: “Saber-te opressor és sempre complicat d’admetre i gestionar”. Interview with Maria Rodo de Zárate on the feminist theory of intersectionality and Relief Maps as a methodological tool (Catalan).

2018, 10 March. La Vanguardia. Tras el 8-M, ¿y ahora qué?. Lidia Arroyo comments on the mobilisation around the International Day of Women in Spain (Spanish).

2018, 15 February. El Diario. “Los planes de igualdad son sólo declarativos”. Interiew with Cecilia Castaño about the situation of women in scientific and technological fields, and the factors that impede effective gender equality (Spanish)

2018, 2 February. Ara. Criatures. “L’educació no sexista, base per prevenir assetjaments sexuals”. Milagros Sáinz and Lidia Arroyo offer recommendations for enhancing children’s education on gender equality and preventing sexist violence (Catalan)


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