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2020, 5 March. UOC News. “There is a widespread fear of public spaces among young girls, especially in relation to being sexually assaulted”.  Interview with Maria Rodó on current gender inequalities and discrimination. (English) (Spanish) (Catalan)

2020, 6 February. UOC News. More resources and greater gender competence are needed for science equality measures to be effective. Rachel Palmén underlines the results of a research carried out in the EFFORTI project which analysed 19 interventions developed in six European countries to foster gender equality in R&D institutions. (English)

2020, 4 February. UOC News. “It’s essential that there are realistic female role models in science and technology, not just those that become household names“. Interview with Milagros Sáinz about the reasons that move girls away from scientific and technological fields. (English) (Spanish) (Catalan)

2020, 4 January. El Español. Estos son los Ksi-Meritos, los populares neonatos de juguete acusados de sexistas: los motivos. GenTIC director Milagros Sáinz highlights in this press article the importance of encouraging that girls and boys develop abilities through play that do not pigeonhole them into gender roles. (Spanish)

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